German Chamomile

Matricaria chamomilla


German Chamomile

This essential oil improves health and helps with many problems. It has an excellent anti-inflammatory effect and wide range of other applications, including positive effect on joint disorders and stress by contributing to relaxation and deep and undisturbed sleep. It nourishes and restores the skin and is an excellent remedy for problematic skin.

Colour: German chamomile oil has dark blue colour.
Main properties: deodorizing.

Body Effects:

Soothe hypersensitive, dry and red skin after sunbathing. Remove faded and aging skin on face and neck. Help eliminate wrinkles, soften rough and cracked skin. Positive effect on oral prevention. Remove bad breath in your mouth.
German chamomile oil is sweet and dark blue. It is produced by the distillation of chamomile extract. It is not toxic or irritating but when used in high concentrations it should be avoided during pregnancy.
The therapeutic properties of the German chamomile are as follows: analgetic, anti-allergic, antispasmodic, antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, carminative, soothing, help with digestion, sedative.

Use of German Chamomile:

Essential oil has a soothing effect on body and mind and is an excellent method for treatment of inflammation. Used on the skin it does wonders, soothes redness, relieves allergies, eczema, and psoriasis. It is rich in a-bisabolol which helps improve and regrow the soft tissues.


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