Helichrysum angustifolium Oil


The oil is extracted from the plant named Helichrysum angustifolium of the Asteraceae family. It is also known by the name of immortelle and St. John’s herb. This oil has a strong smell that people usually associate with herbal odor. However it also contains lighter flavours.

Origin of immortelle oil

This evergreen fragrant herb reaches height of 60 cm and is called immortelle or Italian Everlastings. It has a branched stem, silver and green aromatic leaves and dark yellow florets that wither but keep their colour.
The produced oil is of high quality if distillation is performed within 24 hours after the plant has been harvested. Younger plants provide with more oil. Petals of immortelle were used throughout Europe as a herb in the Middle Ages.

Properties of immortelle oil

Immortelle oil has strong fruity odor with honey and tea flavours. The colour may range from pale yellow to red and its viscosity is watery.


The oil is extracted by steam distillation of fresh or dried flowers of the herb.

Therapeutic properties:

Therapeutic properties of immortelle oil are as follows: anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, spasmolitic, tightening, diuretic, analgetic, expectorant, stimulate the release of bile.

Chemical composition

Main chemical components are: pinene, camphene, b-pinene, myrcene, limonene, 1,8-cineole, linalool, terpinen-4-ol, neryl acetate, nerola, geraniol, evgenol, italidone and other b-diketones.


Oil is not toxic and irritating but it should never be applied to children under 12 years of age.

Therapeutic use of immortelle oil.

Immortelle oil relieves the rheumatic and arthritis pain. It has a positive effect on cold, flu, bronchitis, cough and asthma.
The oil has great regenerative capacity and can be used in the healing of scars, acne, dermatitis, stretch marks, furuncles and abscesses. In folk medicine it is used as a method that slows down the visible signs of aging.
The oil helps the digestive system and cleanses the liver and spleen.

Main effect: Stimulate the release of bile

Use of the infusion or extract of immortelle contributes to decrease and even disappearance of vomiting, nausea, feeling heavy in the pit of your stomach; the pain in the area of ​​the liver and the gall bladder is reduced and even disappeared, positive effect on meteorism and subictiric skin and sclera colouring; enlarged liver is decreased.
In folk medicine the infusion or extract of immortelle florets is used not only to stimulate the release of bile but also as a diuretic and a light laxative method.


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