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Ipar 2015 Ltd

“IPAR 2015” Ltd is a Bulgarian manufacturer of natural essential oils; the modern production and technology schemes, laid out in the workflow, guarantee high quality of our production.

The company was founded and started operations in 2015. It has own areas of essential oil crops (lavender, yarrow, lemon balm, immortelle, Roman and German chamomile) and an own distillery base. The lavender plantations are mainly located on the land of village of Prosenik, Ruen municipality, Burgas district; the other areas are located on the lands of the following villages: Tranak, Belodol and Bata. As a result of the researches it has been established that this region offers optimal soil and climate conditions for the cultivation of lavender and other essential oil plants and the production of high quality essential oils thereof.

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Ipar 2015 Ltd

is constantly expanding its areas of essential oil crops such as lavender, yarrow, immortelle, Roman chamomile, German chamomile, lemon balm, and etc.

The company has

20 regularly employed workers and each year it usually employs approximately another 40 workers. It looks for options of sustainability, added value and preservation of the workforce by selecting crops and varieties in the farm to maximize the efficient work for the longest possible period. There is a trend to appoint 100 people on permanent employment contract.

Ipar 2015 Ltd

strives for creating a complex that not only produces high quality organic essential oils but also being an attractive tourist center considering the proximity of Slanchev Bryag resort located between the northern and the southern part of the Bulgarian Black Sea Riviera.


Prosenik, Ruen Municipality

Burgas Province


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